Meet Lorinda

Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant

It was my personal health journey which led me to study Ayurveda. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition of the digestive tract just before my 30th birthday. At the time of my diagnosis I had never heard of a chronic illness and this took me on a path of discovery. I learned a lot about what it means to have your health, and how quite simply you have nothing without it.


It frustrated me that western medicine was trying to mask my symptoms, but never go any deeper to find out the cause of the imbalance. Over the years I would go through phases of becoming very unwell and there were many days I simply couldn’t get out of bed, and others I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror due to the disease and the side effects of the medications. I missed out on a lot during this time. I tried many alternative treatments and Ayurveda was the lineage of healing that really resonated with me from deep within.

In 2018 things swiftly took a turn for the worst with regards to my health and I required an emergency full colectomy (surgery to remove my entire large intestine) and I now have a stoma which I will have reconnected in the near future. This was also the first year that the nationally recognized Ayurveda training became available in Melbourne. I felt that the universe was pushing me forcefully to study Ayurveda and so I enrolled. I am now a fully Qualified Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant and have never looked back.  

My life pre- Ayurveda is now a foreign land, and one which I do not wish to return to. Ayurveda has given me the tools to fully understand and accept myself, forgive my past, and fill my days with a loving and nurturing lifestyle and dietary practices. 

I understand what it is like to lose control of your health, and with this comes a deep level of compassion and understanding. Although I have days when I wish I could turn back the clock and not have had my surgery, I am forever grateful that my journey pushed me onto the path of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has given me freedom and liberation and it is my life mission to share this same freedom with others.

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