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Treatments and Services

Health Consultation

1 hour $100.00

This in-depth intake is designed to discuss all the details of your current state of health. We will identify your prakritu and vikruti (body constitution and current imbalances), evaluate your diet, discuss your digestion and elimination, exercise routine, medications, medical history, blood work, your mental and emotional state, as well as thoroughly discuss any questions or concerns you may have. I will also perform a pulse and tongue analysis. After our consultation, I will carefully create a dietary plan, an exercise routine, a list of daily rituals, and prescribe herbs for you as needed. Based on our findings, I will also make suggestions for body therapies, yoga postures, and pranayama (breathing) exercises that will be beneficial to improving your health.



Follow Up Health Consultation

45 minutes $60

During the follow up sessions we will evaluate the progress you are making with your treatment plan. We will discuss any questions you may have and make any adjustments to the plan as needed. I will advise when I feel follow up will be beneficial for you.




1 hour $110.00


There is nothing in this world quite as lovely as a shirodhara treatment. Shirodhara cleanses both the senses and the mind, allowing your body to heal and release stress from the nervous system. It also improves mental clarity. Your service will begin with a light foot massage and then you will enter a deep state of relaxation as a warm steady flow of Ayurvedic herbal oil is poured over your third eye to create a peaceful vibration. This is a powerful treatment for stress, anxiety, insomnia and for generally healing the mind

Abhyanga Massage

1 hour $100.00

Ayurvedic massage also known as Abhyanga therapy, is a sacred ancient practice dating back thousands of years, and plays a major healing role in Ayurvedic medicine. Warm Ayurvedic oil (specific to your needs) is applied using light, rhythmic and methodical strokes from head to toe. It is calming, rejuvenating, and increases the flow of prana (energy) through the mind and body whilst improving circulation, and assisting the body in ridding itself of toxins.

Indian Head Massage

30 minutes $30.00

This is a deep style of massage derived from the ancient healing system of Ayurveda and focuses on the head, shoulders and neck. It uses various techniques and pressure points which release blocked energy in the body. It is great for relieving stress and promoting clarity and feelings of wellbeing.

Cocoon of bliss

1 hour and 45 minutes $170.00

Designed to completely transcend you into a state of bliss this ritual begins with a full body abhyanga massage using warm medicated herbal oils to calm, detoxify, and rejuvenate the body on a cellular level, bringing the bodies rhythm back to balance.

The Journey continues with the unique Shirodhara treatment where warm oil is poured over the third eye and forehead in a slow calming rhythmic motion to rejuvenate and reset the mind finishing with an invigorating head and shoulder massage to balance and reground.

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Mind body soul specials:
Book any 5+ treatments at once to receive a 10% discount on the full price. Get in contact directly to arrange a discounted price for any other treatments you wish to package up together.

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Gift vouchers are available for purchase in treatment or dollar value as requested.
Yoga: Lorinda is also a qualified yoga teacher and is available for group and private sessions. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements around yoga.

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